Words That Stay: May

I’ve been really, really enjoying Carla Kelly’s backlist, especially because they’re coupon-eligible at Kobo. Fun characters, great sense of humour, lots of connection between protagonists, it’s all-over good historical romance.

  •  Miss Whittier Makes a List – Really enjoyed this, reminded me of a YA book about a girl who goes to sea and finds herself so happy as a sailor. It wrapped up almost a little too quickly, but I was really glad to see the heroine’s religion considered and of weight, and how she dealt with it.
  • Beau Crusoe – This rang familiar with me quite strongly as the hero is suffering from PTSD, so it was important to me to see this dealt with. Add in that it’s mostly a funny book, and adorable, and it was a great read.
  • Miss Milton Speaks Her Mind – Super cute, lots of heartache, and family captured so perfectly. I could practically see the difference between her home (in filters of blue) and his (in filters of red and yellow). One of those books where you have to check the window to see if it’s not raining outside.

Other Historical Romances I’ve read recently:

  • Three Weeks with Lady X – I really enjoy Eloisa James, and this was no exception. Interior decorating! That same house of debauchery that was in a novel I read previously (unless there are MORE places entirely wallpapered in sexual motifs?)! Antagonism between the main couple, which is one of my favourites if the dialogue is witty (and it is).
  • Once Upon a Tower – Did I mention I like Eloisa James? I really enjoyed the hero in this, plus any mention of the Smythe-Smiths kills me. I also really liked a heroine who wasn’t going to take any nonsense, and who had her own career (of sorts) with tremendous amounts of passion for it. I love cello music and I could practically hear it, from the description of the warm-ups to her playing in the rain.

I also started reading Tess Gerritsen, starting with Gravity, and I’ll admit part of it was due to the controversy. I really, really liked it — the NASA stuff was fabulous, I felt like I was really there, the zero-G behaviour of things was AWESOME, and the only thing that having seen the movie did was make me think that George Clooney was playing Jack, so it was more like an early episode of ER than anything. I didn’t like some of the ways it was resolved, but everything else was stellar, and I really like how she writes her women. It so could have been a “space cowboy saves his wife” when really, she saves herself and is pretty awesome about it. It also made me really, really sad about shuttles. She read sort of like Robin Cook or Michael Crichton pre-meltdown (I can’t get into Robin Cook anymore, it was always preachy but now I can’t look past it), and I’m going to read more of her books, I have missed medical/sciencey thrillers. To this day, Andromeda Strain and Outbreak are some of my favourite movies AND books, heh.

Other stuff I’ve been reading:

HAWKGUY – Yes. Bro. Seriously.

SAGA – More yesssss. I would have a Lying Cat sidekick.


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