Gamer Gate Bullshit

I’m posting this here because I’ve said it a few times elsewhere, and I stand behind my words.

I absolutely stand with the people opposing Gamer Gate. I’m a game dev who works on some of the biggest titles in the world — I’m also a woman and have been doing this for over a decade. In some strange logic, because I make games people enjoy playing, they feel the need to threaten to rape and kill me.

So you know what? Don’t buy my games. Because my studio is focused on diversity, representation, and equality (we fuck it up royally at times, but we ARE working on it — you should have seen the internal blowup after E3). So every penny spent on these games helps fund all of these things. Our office is one of the better ones (still not great, but working on it) in terms of gender diversity and IS one of the best in the world in terms of women in leadership roles, it is THE best in the world in terms of multicultural diversity, and we take seriously giving back to our community which includes charity events of sponsoring game jams for kids, game-a-thons, talks for girls and young women regarding STEM subjects and representation, talks for high-schoolers about getting into gaming development and what their broad range of experiences bring to the table, and gaming nights with the local Gaymer groups. In fact, if you don’t agree with this stuff and DO buy my games, you’re a fucking hypocrite, because that’s where your money is going.

We’re going to keep making these games, and we’re going to keep making better, more representative, more diverse games. You can’t stop that. You can’t stop me from going to work. The ONLY way would be to stop my livelihood from existing. So you know what? If you support GamerGate, don’t buy my games. Don’t buy the new AC games, the new Farcry, the new driving games, the new dance games, the new shooters. Don’t buy my games, because I promise you that hundreds of women (and people of every gender, sexuality, skin tone, nationality, and religion you can imagine) have touched every single one, have been major driving forces, content creators, creative decision-makers, writers, modellers, programmers, marketers for every single one. These games don’t exist without us, NEVER HAVE, and never will. So don’t buy my games.

I don’t want to play online with assholes anyhow.

I’m done with being afraid. There’s nothing left but anger and an oh-so-lovely burn of determination. I love my job, I am proud of my job and the games I have made, and I am proud to be making these games and making them ever better, ever more able to reach people so they can say “This is fun!” and “Hey I’m in this!” and let their fantasies and imaginations and enjoyment run wild. I wanted to be an astronaut as a kid. Now I’ve made video games to let millions of people drive spaceships. I’m pretty okay with where my life has wound up.


One thought on “Gamer Gate Bullshit

  1. St. A.

    If you pardon my language I just wanted to say “hell, yeah”.

    “In fact, if you don’t agree with this stuff and DO buy my games, you’re a fucking hypocrite, because that’s where your money is going.”

    There is something poetic in them funding their own doom…


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