It’s so nice to have all my stuff, and it’s nice to finally be able to put everything with my ex behind me! I still have to do a final move, but that will likely be in a few months. No more ticking clock, no more pressure, no more stress regarding all of that! Sadly, no more of several of my plants as well, but at least my snake plant was salvage-able and I still have the jade plant that was originally a cutting from my mom’s, which was a cutting from HER mom’s. I swear I learned how to not murder plants just to keep this thing alive.

It also meant going through some of my work stuff from last project and the notes are bizarre out of context: “Put horses in gym” “Blend crossbow cover snap animation” “Figure out why gold is more attractive than not dying to AI hierarchy”. On the plus side, it means I have my tiny teapot back, as I am totally not drinking 6 cups of tea at a time these days.

I need about a week of quiet to recover from what was one of the emotionally most difficult weeks I’ve had since before I left in December, but that’s… not going to happen. PA days keep happening with “no warning”, meaning I have the three kids, who are currently running in circles around the place and have been doing so for the better part of an hour — oh, wait, there’s the tears.

Yeah that’s pretty inevitable. Still, I’d like a little warning before surprise!babysitting three kids under 6 for the day, especially because mysteriously everyone works late on days when they don’t have to pick them up from daycare at a set time.

Oh well. I love these kiddos, they just mean I take more of my anxiety meds (which I am currently trying to brain through, and it’s not great). At least they’re easy to feed and the girls still nap so I get a chance to spend time with all of them!


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